BENQ RL2455HM Review – Top-Rated Gaming Monitor For The Money

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If you are in search for an Ultra Fast Console Gaming monitor, BENQ RL2455HM should be on top of your list. Continue reading this detailed review by our expert to justify your choice.

Key Features

  • Screen Size: 24 Inch
  • Black eQualizer
  • Low Blue Light

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Pros and Cons of the BENQ RL2455HM


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Not much expensive
  • Useful presets for RTS games
  • Loaded with RTS Mode
  • Excellent graphics
  • Port selection excellent
  • Good color accuracy


  • Viewing Angles are narrow
  • Problem with height adjustment
  • Color shifting is found sometimes

Design and Performance of the BENQ Gaming Monitor


Designing of the monitor was done in such a way that the gamer’s focus is left undisturbed, the only source of distraction is the small strip of red which can divert the user’s attention from its sleek black body.

As the rest of the RL family, the monitor also has a curved attractive base, it is deprived of the headphone stand as well as a rubberized controller dock when compared to its 27-inch counterpart the RL2755HM.


The monitor could be adjusted forward and backward through small angles only.  For those who are quite competent in gaming and looking forward to playing the vicinity of screens, this is not problematic. As a result of a better formulation of BenQ’s XL displays they cost more.

The ease with which the RL2455HM can be set up is equivalent to the snapping up of a base, stand and display altogether in one place. The display is adaptive in nature and can be adjusted pretty well according to the gamer’s comfort level.

At this price of BenQ RL2455HM, the actual design is as basic as one will expect at this price. A lesser number of screws are required to assemble, however clamping of both the base and neck should be kept under the radar so that the accidental damage becomes non-existent.


This monitor has been developed jointly by pro-gamers to remove unsteady shine, and because of this, the gaming performance has been enhanced. To provide the gamers with a whole new control and visibility, black equalizer has been developed. The monitor’s response time is 1ms. With the Windows 8 color system, the monitor is completely compatible.


BenQ’s monitor serves all its purpose in the expected way the user won’t face difficulty in keeping track of everything, especially in the games which involve many buses and cars and characters

The performance of this monitor for time strategy games is very good. Moreover, STREET FIGHTER 4, which is a hand to hand fight game, requiring correct punches and kick, is easily handled by this monitor.

The BENQ 24-Inch Gaming Monitor has a quick response, when tested on lag tester, we recorded 9.8 milliseconds. That’s is very quick and somewhat more than the expectation and because of this the RL2455HM, tops on the list of the monitors that we have tested.


Each and every connection to this monitor is available at the back of the monitor and this makes it tough for the users to change the connections, whenever they want to do this with the monitor being placed on the desk.

Further, the monitor has been decorated with some excellent functional buttons. This monitor’s on-screen functions can be used/viewed by pressing any given button on the side. This brings up an OSD option that lets the user access menu system on the screen itself.

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This monitor promised the users to have a refresh rate of 75Hz, but none has yet been able to achieve it. All the users were able to achieve the refresh rates between 58Hz to 65Hzonly. This disappointed the users as the makers were not able to give something that was promised.

The users have found that the sound quality of the monitors are also very poor. Some of the users have also said that playing without the speaker on this monitor can never take to you to the real gaming level.

BENQ RL2455HM Review

Why do the users like this monitor?

  • Superb Picture quality
  • Minimal response time (1ms)
  • Dual HDMI inputs
  • Compatible with VESA mounts

The inclination of people towards its mesmerizing picture quality is quite evident from the reviews of BenQ RL2455HM. A majority is upgrading from LCD screens that are up to 9 years old. Due to the high picture quality and many color combinations playing games and watching videos can take a person in a whole new different world.

The 1ms response time features sets apart the RL2455HM. The inclusion of 2 HDMI ports proving to be an icing on the cake making gamers crave for a piece of it. In addition to it, players are able to connect their PlayStation and Xbox using a high-speed HDMI cable. Users can set up 2 devices at the same time with an added advantage of easy switching.

Out of many other possible reasons, the fact that it is also compatible with VESA mounts is why the BenQ monitor is considered one of the best buy.

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The gamers who always had to switch between PC and gaming console and do not want to switch anymore further between them any longer, this monitor will prove to be an awesome partner. Although no user has been able to achieve the promised refresh rates, but some other gaming console also have the refresh rate around 60Hz only.

If we look at the HDMI ports and response time, this is certainly a good option for the buyers. Moreover, the monitor comes with high resolution and taking into account the picture quality, this purchase will not disappoint anyone

If someone hasn’t used the 120Hz, the 60Hz can prove to be a very good option. And if one is a console gamer and in search of low-lag 1080p display, then the latest from BenQ will offer amazing gaming experience. According to the price, BenQ RL2455HM is one of the best gaming monitors with gamer-friendly features, excellent motion blur performance and solid color quality.

Although it lacks wide viewing angles found in an IPS monitor, but RL2455HM is capable of keeping pace with your advanced gaming consoles and CPUs. This is a reliable monitor and is considered as a very good option at the current prices.

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