Are you a Bollywood buff? Guess THESE iconic Bollywood films and characters to test your knowledge

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As we enter the third Coronavirus lockdown, here’s a fun Bollywood game to add to some fun. Go ahead and guess these iconic Bollywood films and characters.

Coronavirus or COVID 19 lockdown just got extended till May 17 and once again, people will be staying at home amid the same. Amid the same, we’re back with another fun Bollywood game to keep you entertained. While there are no new releases lined up from Bollywood and neither new episodes of daily soaps are going on air, it surely is the perfect time to channel your inner filmy soul and play Pinkvilla’s guess the film characters and movie’s name game. 

While Coronavirus pandemic is the reason behind all of us staying at home with our families, it can also be a reason to bring everyone closer by indulging in some fun with games. Hence, it’s time to pull out your inner Bollywood buff and guess the following films and characters from them by heeding the clues and observing the graphics. Each graphic has a number and as per the same, a clue has also been mentioned below. All you need to do is just take a look at the photo and match it with the clue. 

Once you do that, go ahead and involve your friends and family in guessing the correct answers. Amid so much negativity doing rounds, wouldn’t it be fun to spend some fun moments with your loved ones while doing something you love? Well, without further adieu, go ahead and channel your inner filmy soul and guess the iconic characters and films from the clues!

Clue No 1

She fell in love with the King’s son who was supposed to be crowned next. However, she was also a Nautch girl in the King’s court. Despite her status, the King’s son also falls in love with her and the torrid affair strains the King’s relationship with his son. Post this, the popular nautch girl is captured by the King and in the end, the love story comes to a tragic end when the King orders the nauth girl to be buried in a wall. It is one of the most iconic epic films ever made in Bollywood and stars one of the leading actresses of those times. The song that is popular from the film speaks of not being afraid if you love someone. Go ahead and guess the character and film.

Clue No 2

It is one of the most iconic films when it comes to Hindi cinema. The character you need to guess was the more brave of the two friends in the film. He and his friend reached a village where a former policeman with no hands asks them for help to capture the most infamous dacoit in the area. The character is cynical and takes a liking to the policeman’s widowed daughter-in-law. In the end, in an attempt to save his friend and his lady and to kill the dacoit head, the character dies. The actor who played the iconic character also starred in a sequel of the film but as the dacoit and not as the hero. Guess the film and character. 

Clue No 3

He is the coolest guy in the college and has a bestfriend who is a complete tomboy and defeats him daily in Basketball. When the principal’s daughter joins the college, the cool guy falls in love with her and woos her. But by then his best friend has also fallen in love with him. However, when she sees him happy with the principal’s daughter, she decides to leave him. The guy gets married to the girl he loves and has a daughter who he named after his best friend who left him. The cool guy’s wife dies and leaves behind letters for the daughter and tells her to help her dad reunite with his best friend. The cool guy again bumps into his best friend who is no longer a tomboy and falls for her. But she is engaged to someone else. The film is one of the most special flicks ever made and with it, a popular filmmaker also debuted in Bollywood as a director. Go ahead and Guess the film and character. 

Clue No 4

He is a cool guy in the college who ends up falling in love with a girl who is protected by 2 brothers who live on a farm. When her overprotective brother comes to college and sees the culture, he decides to take his sister back home. But, the cool college guy follows them and lands up at their doorstep courtesy the elder brother of the girl who he loves. But the overprotective brother is wary of him and keeps testing him. The film is popular for one song in which the lead actor takes to the stage in just jeans and guitar and stuns in a shirtless avatar. Guess the film and character. 

Clue No 5

The film is about a small town girl and guy who want to make it big in life but society keeps putting them down. They together decide to con the world and teach everyone a lesson. In the process, they fall in love with each other and get married. However, a police cop gets behind them and vows to catch them. But, in the last robbery, they almost get caught by the elder police officer. But, seeing that the girl has just given birth, the police officer sets them free and asks them never to con people again. The film is one of the most loved romantic comedies and stars an actress who is married to a popular producer in Bollywood. The sequel of the film was recently announced and will release this year. Go ahead and guess the film and character. 

Clue No 6

She is a protected girl who has a lot of dreams of falling in love with someone and writes about it in her diary. However, her father is extremely orthodox and despite living abroad, wants her to get married to his best friend’s son in India. However, before this could happen, she asks his permission to go on a tour with her friends and her dad permits her. But, on the trip, she falls in love with a guy. Later, when her father gets to know, he decides to take her to India to get her married at the earliest. But the guy she falls in love with also follows her and becomes a helper in the house to stay close to her. The film has the most epic train scene and is an iconic love story. Go ahead and guess the film and character. 

Clue No 7

The film is about a guy who takes care of orphaned children but has very little money. So, he decides to let out a room to a journalist in his house. The character you need to guess is a journalist who is obsessed with writing about a superhero who can go invisible at any time and save the world. He helps poor people by giving food to them and beats up the bad guys. The journalist falls in love with the invisible character and the song that is picturized in the film on her, is one of the most sensuous numbers of Bollywood. Go ahead, this is an easy one and guess the film along with the character. 

Clue No 8 

The film is about two impoverished brothers who grow up in the slums of Bombay. One of them ends up becoming a police officer and the other one ends up becoming an infamous criminal. When the roads cross, the two come face to face with each other and an iconic scene takes place that ends in one telling the other that he may not have the wealth and fame, but he has his mom. The scene itself is good enough to guess the name of the film. The film’s name is also a Hindi word for partition. Go ahead and guess the film. 

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