Are Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Dating? They Got Real on YouTube

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Well Hannah B. and Tyler C. shippers, it’s time to jump ship. On October 6, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown and Bachelor nation fan favourite (and all-around total hunk) Tyler Cameron sat down for a tell-all chat about their relationship. And they didn’t hold back. In the 17-minute-long video, titled “What Really Happened,” the former Bachelorette and her one-time boyfriend discussed the speculation around their relationship since the show ended, revealing where they really stand right now and what their feelings are—and have been over the past year—for each other.

And folks, I think it may honestly be the most authentic conversations to come out of The Bachelor; specifically because both Hannah and Tyler spoke so transparently about how they felt, and how difficult it was to continue their relationship—both as friends and more than that—with all the intense scrutiny from fans of the franchise. And isn’t that what we all want, in both our own relationships and the celebrity ones that we speculate about—some clarity?

Read on to find out why Hannah and Tyler’s chat is the transparent relationship conversation we all need.

Hannah B. and Tyler C. have had a tumultuous relationship, to say the least

First of all, it shouldn’t be overlooked that it probably took *a lot* for the pair to get to this place. ICYMI, Hannah and Tyler, who first met on her 2019 season of The Bachelorette, have had a pretty up-and-down relationship since their time on-screen. While Tyler C. was a frontrunner from the beginning of the season—constantly standing up for Hannah and being a consummate gentlemen, especially compared to other contestants like Luke Parker who basically slut shamed the lead—he ultimately left as the runner-up, with Hannah choosing musician and jingle writer Jed Wyatt.

Everything seemed fine and dandy until Hannah discovered that Jed had initially gone on the show to further his music career and had a girlfriend back home. At the After the Final Rose taping, Hannah asked Tyler out again, they seemingly hooked up in August 2019 and then Tyler spent the rest of the summer of 2019 in a relationship with model Gigi Hadid (something for which Hannah low-key called him out). But then, the plot thickens. In March 2020, Hannah B. popped up in Tyler C.’s hometown of Jupiter, Florida, first to pay her respects at her former boyfriend’s mother’s funeral after his mom sadly passed away, and then to quarantine with her ex and several of his friends. This quarantine sitch gave rise to a ton of speculation and headlines about the pair’s relationship status (and their numerous TikTok videos egging fans on didn’t help), before Hannah left in April to continue quarantining with her family. And that’s been pretty much it—until now. Aside from each of them mentioning the other one here and there (and a recent revelation that Tyler is still Hannah’s “Bachelor Nation Crush”), there has been little in the way of interaction between the former couple. On September 29, fans spotted the duo having lunch together in Los Angeles, sparking rumours that maybe, just maybe, they’re getting back together. But Hannah and Tyler put that all to rest with their latest joint video.

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They spoke authentically about their trauma and how it informed their decisions

Opening the video, Hannah and Tyler both addressed what brought them together in March 2020, and ultimately led to them quarantining with friends at the beginning of the pandemic. According to Tyler, the couple first reconnected after his mom passed away suddenly from a brain aneurysm. Hannah—who had been in contact with his mom via Instagram for months—reached out feeling that something was wrong. They chatted and had what Tyler says was a three-hour-conversation. The day after their call, Hannah says her brother overdosed.

So needless to say, it was a tumultuous time for both of  them. Speaking about that period of time, Hannah said that she and Tyler leaned on each other, and when she decided to attend Tyler’s mother’s funeral—also wanting to get away from her own family situation and trauma—it was mutually beneficial. “We were kind of leaning on each other at this point,” Tyler said. “We were both going through things so we were kind of each other’s support system all of a sudden. You of course have your family there but it’s always nice to have someone outside to lean on as well.”

But, that isn’t always a good thing; as Hannah B. said in the video: “I think there was also a problem in that a little bit, [because] we came together in trauma.

“I say that I traded Tyler’s trauma for mine,” she continued. For his part, Tyler said that going in to quarantine together, he made a rule with himself that nothing physical was going to happen between the former couple for fear that it would ruin their recently rekindled friendship, saying: “I didn’t want to do something because I was in a bad place.”

It’s definitely relatable that both of our Bachelor nation faves would need someone to lean on during trying times; who among us hasn’t texted or called an ex when the going got tough (and who among us hasn’t been hit up by an ex during trying times like the current pandemic?). But it’s refreshing to hear both Hannah and Tyler acknowledge the fact that they now know maybe leaning on each other wasn’t the best thing for their personal growth or their friendship, as they were relying on their friendship instead of dealing with their separate issues.

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Hannah B. and Tyler C. about the IRL post-show pressure

On top of both going through some really tough personal experiences in spring 2020, Hannah and Tyler were also *super* open about the effect that media interest and fan pressure—and expectations—had on their relationship. As in it pretty much imploded. “It was just pressure,” Hannah says in the video of the media frenzy around them co-quarantining. This included paparazzi and fans driving by the house to take pictures of the couple. “It just turned what we were doing into a pressure cooker situation,” Tyler said.  He pointed to a specific incident in which upcoming Bachelor Matt James (and his BFF) filmed Hannah and Tyler in their shared room arguing over changing the sheets on the bed and then posting it to TikTok. “All of a sudden it’s on TikTok [and everyone’s saying] ‘they’re perfect, they’re fighting over blankets!,” he said.

@mattjames9191Quarantine Life: Day 16 – 1st fight in the house! ##boredathome ##fyp ##foryou♬ original sound – mattjames919

Ultimately, the former couple says that the pressure of everyone saying they were in a relationship, when in actuality they were just trying to work on their friendship, coupled with bad communication on both their parts, caused their entire relationship to implode, with Hannah B. leaving the quarantine house on bad terms.

While Hannah and Tyler were talking about their specific situation, they probably also offered a glimpse into the real pressure many Bachelor nation couples face post-show (there’s a reason that of the previous 24 Bachelors, only one is married to the person he left engaged to, after all). And not only was there pressure, but as Tyler addressed in the chat, in reality, the pair was hanging out for the first time authentically. Doing so in such a stressful situation, there was obviously going to be some bumps along the road.

Hannah addressed differences in communication

And—because she’s the queen of standing up for herself—Hannah B. took the former couple’s conversation as an opportunity to address the miscommunication she and the Quibi star had when it came to their relationship situation in the first place, and the fact that they both had different expectations. “I think it was really hard for me,” Hannah said. “And him just being like ‘let’s just chill,’ he’d always say, ‘let’s just figure it out.’ And I’m like, ‘what are we figuring out?’ And I hated figuring it out; what does that mean?” Which is honestly 100% relatable. Also relatable? Hannah was so stressed out about the situation that she says she couldn’t poop for a week (umm, a literal nightmare). “There was lots of emotions,” she continued. “I wanted to talk about—he didn’t want to talk about it.” (Which again, relatable).

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And ultimately, Hannah and Tyler set the record straight

The reason the video was so great is the fact that after months of speculation from fans around the world, the pair finally set the record straight about their relationship on their own terms, telling the world that they’re “just trying to be cool being friends.”

“Everything we’ve been through, all the stuff we’ve done, we care about each other, we’re there for each other,” Tyler said. “I’m super stoked where we’re at right now. We’re able to sit here and have fun with each other. This has been the best conversation we’ve had.”

While the former couple 100% don’t owe fans or anyone an explanation like the one they gave, it ultimately does puts speculation to rest; which then puts scrutiny, and any pressure Hannah and Tyler may be feeling because of this scrutiny, to rest. Scrolling through the comments on Hannah’s video, it’s clear that for many fans, this video is what they needed to finally let it go, with many online commenting that it was clear the two just wanted to be friends, and that, as fans, they felt like they could jump off the Hannah and Tyler love train—at least for now.

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