9 Best Barbells and Weight Sets for Strength Training in Home Gym

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Now, more than ever, it pays off to have a solid home gym setup at your disposal.

With the coronavirus pandemic closing fitness clubs and gyms for much of the year (and looking to possibly shutter doors that have reopened again), regular exercisers have had to figure out how to workout at home with minimal equipment. And with exercisers bulking up their home gym equipment, one crucial piece of equipment for anyone hoping to lift weights and train to build strength is a solid barbell.

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Men’s Health

“Barbells are going to be one of your best options, if not the best option, for multi-joint exercises,” says Brett Williams, NASM-CPT and associate fitness editor at Men’s Health.

Barbells might be bigger, unwieldier, and more difficult to manage than some other home equipment options, but they’re necessary if you want to work with heavy weight. If you have the space and the resources, you’re going to want a barbell weight set.

“Yes, you can adjust your workouts using other implements like dumbbells or kettlebells, but when it comes time to lift heavy to build strength, you’re going to need to use a barbell,” says Williams. “For exercises like the bench press, front and back squats, and deadlifts, you’ll need a barbell if you want to be able to make real progress.”

Before you just order the first hunk of iron you find in stock at a fitness gear store, make sure you know what you’re getting before you try to find yourself a barbell for your home setup. The weights can be a little tricky to understand, but there are a few basic distinctions you can make when you get your own.

If you’re used to training in a commercial gym, you’re probably used to an Olympic bar. They’re about 2.2 meters (about 7 feet) long and weigh 20 kilograms (about 44 pounds). A telling difference between Olympic barbells and ‘standard’ barbells are the sleeves at either end, where you’ll stack the weight plates. Standard barbells have 1-inch fixed sleeves, while Olympic barbells have 2-inch rotating sleeves. You can opt for a shorter options—or even this excellent adjustable unit from Bowflex—if you’re looking to save space, but for the most utility, we recommend getting a full-sized Olympic bar if you can.

We found some of the best barbell options that are still in stock to keep your training in top gear. There’s a mix of full sized Olympic bars and some smaller standard units, so there’s plenty of variety to match any type of space.

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CAP Barbell “The Beast” Bar

CAP Barbell “The Beast” Bar | 7-Foot Olympic Barbell

CAP Barbell


This seven-foot Olympic barbell is an Amazon’s Choice best seller. The 15″ sleeves are designed with snap clips to accommodate any 2-inch Olympic plates. It’s built of 110,000 PSI tensile strength cold rolled Japanese steel with a black oxide finish, and weighs a hefty 40 pounds.

Sunny Health & Fitness Chrome Barbell Bar

Sunny Health & Fitness 60 in Threaded Chrome Barbell Bar, 1 in Barbell Diameter with Ring Collars – STBB-60

Sunny Health & Fitness


This five-foot bar is a super-affordable option from Amazon that has a stellar rating average of 4.5/5. The bar is lightweight (just 12 pounds) and has star-locked collars to keep your weight plates in place. It also has diamond textured knurling for a good grip. Note: its max weight capacity is 250 pounds and accommodates 1-inch plates, so it may not be the best option for super heavy lifters.

RitFit 7-foot Olympic Barbell Bar

RitFit 7-foot Olympic Barbell Bar, General Purpose Weight Bar Suitable for Olympic Lifts and Power Lifts, 1000LBS Capacity



This 7-foot steel bar is for heavy lifters, with a weight capacity of 1,000 pounds. The bar itself weighs 44 pounds, has a 16″ sleeve length and a wide 28mm grip diameter with dual knurl patterns on each end to give you a good grip. It also accommodates 2-inch plates.

RAGE Fitness Olympic Training Barbell

RAGE Fitness Olympic Training Barbell, 15 lb, For Weightlifting and Power Lifting

Rage Fitness


This six-foot aluminum barbell is another light-weight option for your home gym, weighin in at just 15 pounds. It has a maximum weight of 300 pounds, and also has extra grip help with diamond textured knurling. It’s also compatible with Olympic style plates with 2″ center holes.

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair

Nice C Adjustable Dumbbell Barbell Weight Pair, Free Weights 2-in-1 Set, Non-Slip Neoprene Hand, All-Purpose, Home, Gym, Office (Barbell 33LB or 16 LB Dumbbell Set)

Nice C


If you’re looking for a multi-functional piece to add to your home gym, this is it. These dumbbells transform into a barbell using the connecting bar in seconds. This set comes with 8 weight plates: four 2.2 lb. plates and four 2.8 lb. plates. Each dumbbell handle weighs 0.6 lbs, and the barbell can hold up to 55 pounds. So this bar is for lighter lifting. It also is made of an anti-slip Neoprene material that is extra grippy.

AXLE Olympic Barbell

AXLE Olympic Barbell | with Optional Weighted Olympic Plate Loading | Fully Collapsible Home Gym Equipment



$169.99 (32% off)

This 55-inch collapsible Olympic size bar is an ultra-light option, weighing just 11.2. It comes with two 19-inch wheels and two locking clips that accommodate any Olympic plate or strength band for added resistance during training. The bar is compatible with 1.5-inch plates, and has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.

CAP Barbell 100-Pound Vinyl Weight Set

CAP Barbell 100 LB Vinyl Weight Set

CAP Barbell


If you’re looking to keep your lifting light and want a metal-plate alternative, this weight set is a great option for you. This set includes the two-piece five-foot steel bar and 6 cement-filled, vinyl coated weights (two 25-pound, two 15-pound, and two 10-pound weights), as well as two spring clip collars. The total set weighs 105 pounds.

KINGC 5 Feet Olympic Barbell Bar

KINGC 5 Feet Olympic Barbell Bar 60

This 5-foot steel bar has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds and weighs 25 pounds. The bar accommodates 2-inch plates, and instead of clips, it comes with spring collars to hold plates on each end. It also features diamond knurled surfaces for a secure grip.

CAP Barbell 300-Pound Olympic Set

CAP Barbell Grip Plate Olympic Weight Set, 300 Lb, Medium, Black

CAP Barbell


While this seven-foot cast-iron barbell set is not the cheapest, it’s worth the investment if you’re looking for a complete barbell weight set. The set includes 14 weight plates that range from from 2.5 pounds to 45 pounds, for a total of 300 pounds. But it has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds, so you can load it up past that with more plates of your own.

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