5 Tips for a Delightfully Spooky Gold Coast Halloween

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You may not envision creepy-crawly moments worthy of Halloween set in a sunshine-laden region the likes of Gold Coast. But given the chance, this mesmerizingly sunny place will not disappoint even its most avid Halloween fans. It’s time to buckle up and get to know Gold Coast’s dark side by the end of the month! In fact, some of the events are so darn spooky, you might reconsider and opt for something kid-friendly instead. Luckily, there are events for the youngsters, too, so no reason to worry.

Don’t be surprised by the local efforts to prep for the holiday a few days in advance. The streets will reflect the upcoming devilish mood with the eeriest decorations. Meanwhile, the typically sandy-smooth vibe will be transformed into a somewhat ominous pizzazz. Get ready for some of the most fantastic and beastly Halloween celebrations of your life! Here are some tips for getting the most of this holiday.

The good old trick or treat trails

First of all, you need to prepare your most ghoulish, scream-worthy costumes, for you and the kids. If this is your first Gold Coast Halloween, you’ll be amazed at the imagination and effort these youngsters put into their look. The region is always brimming with traditional trick or treat trails and neighborhoods. You’ll be greeted with the most wicked decorations and delicious treats. 

The Circle on Cavill Shopping Centre is hosting its first Spookarama hunt from 3:30 to 6:30 pm on October 31st. In addition to free trick or treating, parents get to enjoy complementary coffee to counter the kids’ scary energy levels. And if you’re trying to avoid the candy temptation, prep some healthy snacks; consider taking whatever appetite suppressants and natural diet drops you use.  If you’re more up for something adult-only and with a classy twist, then head to Parkwood Tavern. Enjoy an evening of dressed up cocktails and get some face paint to refresh your look when you get there.

Surfing with a macabre twist

Can you imagine a creepy club crawl, a masquerade, and a zombie walk packed into a single experience? Because that’s precisely what Surfers Paradise Fest-Evil represents for all those who love to party to their heart’s content. The event begins on October 31st and goes for two days, until November 2nd. It’s chock-full of activities during the daytime that are kid-friendly; meanwhile, the later evening events are reserved for your adult party animal self.

There will be giveaways, talented makeup artists to upgrade your costume and plenty of snacks to keep you going. And to wrap up the event with a horrendous bang, there’s a zombie walk from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm on the final day.  

Time for thrill at Movie World 

Another family-friendly option that doubles as a perfect choice for thrill-seeking grownups sans the kids is the famous Fright Night at Movie World. This one takes place slightly earlier in anticipation of the actual holiday, so hurry up to get those tickets before others snatch them all up!

The classic creepy camping trip

Unleash your inner scary storyteller for a night of horror by the fire! In addition to the Gold Coast’s sublime beaches, the region is also packed with goosebumps-worthy forests and hiking trails to give you the perfect kind of jitters and trembles. Whether you’re going with a pack of horror-hungry friends or with your zombie-licious younglings, pack a camping sleeping bag for each one of your eager travelers. Prep your campfire essentials as well, from marshmallows to lighters, and some of your finest costumes and hoodies to keep the creepy going.

Some of the best choices include the Green Mountains camping area, as well as Mt Cordeaux with its scenic walks. Any hiking route you choose already has designated camping sites together with accommodation and various lookouts, so make sure to explore the map before you head out, and time your stops for those nighttime stories.

Devilish dating for Halloween

Singles needn’t feel excluded at all for this family holiday, since the Gold Coast has yet another way to make all of its residents and guests happy. How, you ask? By creating a unique event that offers dressed-up speed dating at one of the most majestic rooftop cocktail bars called The Island Rooftop, followed by an after-party at the very same location, starting at 9:30 in the evening. 

Wrapping up

A Gold Coast Halloween is certainly loaded with scary surprises on all fronts for all fright lovers out there. Start making your plans right away, so that you can have a diabolically good time, no matter if you choose to spend these frighteningly festive days with your offspring or with your pals.

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