5 Entrepreneurs REVEAL how they are managing work from work and team amid lockdown

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Work from home model is what many companies are following amid Coronavirus led lockdown. Let’s find out how entreprenuers are handling the same.

Coronavirus lockdown has led to work from home. Many companies have adopted this model and trying their best to keep their firm’s work smooth. We asked 5 entrepreneurs to reveal how they are handling their team right now. Right from trusting the team to helping them with aids, to new challenges and strategies, here’s how they are tackling and making sure that work and team both are fine. Ms. Shweta Powar, Founder & CEO – Aria Communication said, “With COVID-19 pandemic, globally all organizations and their employees are being forced to the WFH environment which has its own challenges. For any organization, WFH means it is crucial to ensure that productivity and quality of services are not compromised. Understanding the current situation, the demand for WFH is here to stay for a while and has to be dealt with efficiently.”

“I feel the most important aspect to ensure that WFH becomes a win-win situation is to have faith in your team. At Aria Communication, a PR Agency, we ascertain that we are involved in consistent communication internally through various virtual mediums like emails, chat groups, apps and video calls. Our WFH plan comprehends a robust and active communication with each other to dodge any gaps in understanding and avert communication barriers if any. Further to make working from home a smooth ride, we have laid down clear objectives, procedures and tracking methods for each team member. We have weekly work reports, daily updates that facilitate us to evaluate the advancement of business on a day-to-day basis. Anticipating the challenges, shortcomings of not being physically present it is also important to have a contingency plan designed for each client.”

“Another crucial aspect when it comes to WFH is Time-management. The entire team sticks to a strict schedule, thus ensuring they are on target with their deliverables even when they WFH. With the nation moving towards a total lockdown, sustaining client services by keeping our clients engaged is of paramount significance for us. Taking this into consideration, we have taken steps and made paradigm shifts in the execution and implementation of our strategies by creating colossal engagement programs for our clients.”

“In our consistent effort for having a flexible environment, we also emphasize on holistic well-being to ensure their physical and mental well-being. With the COVID-19, India’s economic growth is likely to decline hence we cannot expect a falling trap to short-term thinking. So, we have started to plan ahead our business strategies. A crisis can either make or break an organization but being primed can ensure that it brings out the best and makes us even more resilient to tide over any wave.”

Ms. Shweta Powar, Founder & CEO – Aria Communication

Ms. Fatima Agarkar, Educationist and Co-Founder of ACE revealed,” Lock-down times in many ways have allowed entrepreneurs to go back to the drawing board and re-think strategies. This time away from commute hassles, loss of time due to delays when travelling, etc has ensured that the ‘uninterrupted’ time on hand becomes a great place for Design Thinking. It allows team members opportunities to use their creativity, and innovation to find alternatives and solutions that perhaps were not a priority given the pace of the physical world. In fact, the productivity levels are higher, a chance to focus, research and most importantly, upgrade on skills that were always put on the back burner.”

“Work from Home after 18 days of being in lockdown is now a way of life as we are conscious that the physical world may be a distant reality as the governments work out how to combat the virus. WFH is quickly becoming a ‘routine’ and balances out personal and professional responsibility in ways that work for family members. Personally, the emergence of resilience, dedication, balance, and commitment are huge takeaways and also many more conversations that are now meaningful.”

“I also feel the communication is better, fast-paced and real-time. Given the lack of social contact and access to teammates or clients face to face means that it is important to communicate daily and this has added to the game of survival as I call it. 
Those dependent on the physical world for execution, are using technology in a way that is proving to be an enabler and value addition and work from home has ensured that our ecosystem continues to survive.”

“Work From Home is a mindset game-changer. Having adopted this successfully years before this lockdown, perhaps gave my team a headstart and while it takes a while to get conditioned to operate from home and remain professional, its sheer inherent strengths – saving time, etc means that this will potentially become a mainstay for many organizations that can operate remotely. It’s about the experience, it is about ‘out-of-thinking’ and it is surely about discipline and prioritizing. It is about decision making and self-motivation, and also remaining flexible and committed.”

Ms. Fatima Agarkar, Educationist and Co-Founder of ACE

Hema Panjavani, Co-founder, FYSEKO said, “COVID 19 has made a dent on the business, however, it has also given us an opportunity to focus our energies on the business core and spend time with our families. We are investing our efforts in developing new skincare formulations, explore innovative natural ingredients, and brush up our skills. We keep a regular connection with our suppliers and partners through voice and video conversations rather than emails and chats. A bit of humour in these conversations help in relieving stress and improve the relationship. As a start-up, it takes a toll given the limited resources we all have but this shall pass too like many others challenges in the entrepreneurial journey.” 

Mr. Ranbir Nagpal, partner at Yazu: Pan Asian Supper Club, Mumbai said, “We at Yazu are approaching this COVID 19 crisis with the most human approach as much as possible when it especially comes to managing the team as they have supported us throughout the way. We have asked the staff that was living in their villages to go and stay with their families so that they stay safe. 
Some staff has been provided accommodation (which the company pays for without expectations) and we are providing them with groceries on a daily basis where they doing have to move out and stay safe. We have started home delivery as we understand that people do need food in the comforts of their house and they especially trust the places that provide food in the most hygienic conditions. We have skeleton staff that works out of the kitchen. This is until we wait and see what happens to post this lockdown.”

Mr. Ranbir Nagpal, partner at Yazu: Pan Asian Supper Club,

Soumyadeep Mukherjee, Founder and CEO Global Value Foods stated, “The sudden lockdown has brought in a whole lot of challenges for startups. At Global value foods, our challenges have been flows and managing, internal team members, production, and vendors. All team members have been asked to strictly stay indoors and keep in touch with key accounts and suppliers via phone and Skype calls. Being a processed foods company, we ensured all necessary passes were arranged for our suppliers and that stores received the supplies that they needed regularly. Regular Skype calls to ensure that the team members don’t feel out of place and helps keep the bonding with the brand intact. Key accounts also acknowledge brands that have been proactive in these times.”

Self isolation is lonely, let’s become companions for each other. Click here to share your lockdown stories anonymously and read what other’s have shared.

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