33 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Designs: Season Of Love Just Got Nailed

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Happy falling in love ladies! Having said that, there is no better festival the whole of year for a teenage girl, a doting mommy or workaholic girl than Valentine’s Day. You can go mushy mushy or swoon but valentine’s day nail art designs is something that catches attention, each time you pretend putting your nails on your lips, or on paper, over a cup of coffee or through your hair locks.

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So for all you chocolate and rose loving girls, here are some breathtaking designs for valentine’s day nails which will bowl you over, till the next Valentine’s. Go get them painted on your nails before V day passes out and leaves you lost.

1. A pop of big and small hearts in pink and white, painted on a black nail base paint. This is color at its electrifying best.

Valentines Day Nails

2. Hearty affair this is with solid red hearts featuring in the center of the nail supported by black diagonal lines. There is no way you can miss out this valentine’s day nails.

Valentines Day Nails

3. “Be Mine”. Why not, when the nail paint has pink and black as base colours, with hearts, dots and message painted over it.

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Valentine Heart Nails

4. A Valentine heart is a heart, no matter whether it is painted in grey, red or black. In this designer valentine nails, you will find the thumb standing out with a dotted heart drawn on pink base.

Love Nail Art

5. Know what is the power of two? Yes, with two of the middle fingers humbling saying love is on my mind through a heart symbol painted on white nail paint base and tiny specks of black around it, love could not have been expressed better.

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Red and White Nail Art

6. For message savvy girls, this valentine’s nail design looks cool and awesome. With just two of the nails painted in glorious pink and the middle fingers shouting ‘Love’ scribbled on the nails, you can feel cupid.

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Valentines Nail Design

7. What a hearty hearty affair with red hearts popping out on the edge of the nails? Look at the beautiful contrast of white and black as base nail paint.

Red Hearts Nails

8. For all you corporate bees, this valentine nail paint is subtle and expressive with sweet little hearts made at the nail tip. It would surely go well with your business attire.

Valentine Nail Paint

9. Now this nail design has got everything – between XOXO to hearts to love scribbled across the nail. Call it puppy love.

Xoxo Nail Art

10. XOXO, Kiss Me, True Love, Be Mine…love has so many expressions. All you need to do is pick your favourite as you paint your nails with color blocks.

Nail Art For Valentines Day

11. Surely this valentine nail art would make your heart go fluttering. With the first three fingers painted in cosmopolitan and brushed out black, silver line of ECG running in two nails and red heart painted in the middle finger, it reminds one of black magic woman.

Valentine Nail Art

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12. Check out the tale of six hearts painted on pale pink background with surrounding nails having glitter on it.

Six Hearts Paint

13. The tussle between ‘He loves Me’ and ‘He Loves Me Not’ is never ending. But with this soft and romantic looking nail paint design, ‘He Loves Me’ would be the final judgement.

Nail Arts

14. If your mind likes to explore less of colors, then this valentine nails would be good to go. The thing that makes a striking impact is pinkish hearts drawn with free hand tapering towards the edge of the nails.

Love Nail Art Designs

15. Yeah, red is the color of valentine. And with a white nail base paint bearing lipstick marks in between red nails, your BF is bound to kiss this very nail. Shy no more!

Lip Strain Nail Art

16. Is this a scrabble of hearts? Even if it is, then it’s so stylish that it will make your heart play with white and red.

Love Symbol Nail Art

17. What a wonderful depiction of love between two toddlers – one male and the other female. The only thing that separates them is the love symbol in the in-between nail.

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Lovers Nail Art

18. Yes, you can make your hearts look subtle with this savvy looking valentine nail art design which has hearts, lipstick shape and stars painted over grey nail paint.


Lip Nail Art

19. Catch the beauty of one pink heart painted on all the nails against white base. It’s so simple it will further melt the heart of your doting partner.

Nail Art Designs

20. Simplicity wins. And so does this neat and clean valentine nail design that has black dots and two hearts painted over white nails.

Pink Nail Art

21. Laugh, Live, Love is the formula painted over the nails here. With little red hearts poised at the nail tip, this is nail elegance in its top form.

Love Nail Art

22. Youthful, peppy and adventurous, this Valentine nail art pronounces ‘Love’ emphatically.

Love Xoxo Nails

23. Straight out of an artist’s canvas, valentine nail design couldn’t have been so simple and impactful. Hearts always rule the mind, and this shows amply enough in this nail design.

Love Nails

24. Heart symbol on each nail with ‘me’ written and lip icon explains the love quotient so well.

Love Me Nail Art

25. This pictorial representation shows beautifully how hearts can be exchanged between a girl and a boy.

Nail Art For Lovers

26. Love goes futuristic through this nail design that has only one heart pasted on one nail.

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Red And Gold Nails

27. For black colour lovers, this is a unique Valentine nail design which has just one heart drawn out on the first finger against the pink nail base.

Nail Arts For Girls

28. Play a game of tic tac toe and let your love beat the odds! Get this unique valentine nail design in vibrant colors.

Valentines Day Nail Art Designs
29. Red and white – the first colors that come up when we think about love. Try this love combination as your valentine nail art and see all the love showered on you.

Valentine Day Nail Art

30. Pull out your magic wand, aka your nail paints and brushes and spread your love on the valentine nails.

Valentines Day Nail Art Ideas
31. Capture your loved one’s attention by trying this easy valentine nail art in just 3 steps. First apply a white nail polish as the base. Once it’s dry, add 3 horizontal stripes using a black nail paint. Let it dry. The final step would be draw the perfect heart using either a pink or red nail polish. Make sure that your hands are steady while painting the heart.

Valentines Day Nails
32. If you don’t want anything mushy-mushy, then you have to try this unique nail design for valentines. A combination of hearts and zebra prints will tick mark both your boxes – love and not too mushy!

Nail Design For Valentines
33. To keep your valentine fingernails chic and classy try this nail art idea. Paint the base with a nice dark black nail polish and then add your hearts with a red nail paint and there you have your chic and classy valentine nail art!

Valentines Day Nail Designs

So which of these Valentine’s Day Nail Art are you going to put on your nails? Give us a shout.

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