30 Best Secret Santa Gift Ideas Under $25 for 2020

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The concept of Secret Santa is great in theory: a group of friends or family gather together to celebrate the holidays, and exchange gifts (like White Elephant exchanges) that takes the pressure off of buying something pricey for everyone on your list..

However, in reality, the gift exchange can cause stress in other ways. What happens if you get assigned someone that you barely know or get assigned someone that you know so well that it takes the fun out of the experience? How do you find a thoughtful, funny, and creative Secret Santa gift with such a small budget?

Lucky for you, we are here to mitigate your worries and provide you with a stress-free holiday event that you can actually enjoy. Below, we have rounded up the 30 best Secret Santa gift ideas for $25 and under to ensure that you impress your peers while remaining calm, cool, and collected. After all, isn’t that all of our holiday goals?

For hot sauce lovers and foodies alike, this black truffle infused condiment acts as more of an added flavor profile than a traditional hot sauce. Black truffle adds a rich flair and agave nectar lends sweetness to this slow-burn topper that can go on just about anything.

100 Things To Do After Quarantine Poster

After this year’s limiting circumstances, a gift with a positive outlook will definitely be appreciated. This cheap and creative Secret Santa gift is a home run for anyone who may end up opening it.

Your friend will either think this is the funniest Secret Santa gift or the most disgusting gift—and nothing possibly in between.

A fool-proof Secret Santa item is one can be used in a multitude of ways. This letter board accomplishes just that. Whether it be a gift for new parents to use to help document their baby’s growth, a friendly message to come home to, or to just be used as a decorative object, it provides many different uses that can appeal to an array of people.

Gold Monogram Mug



Sometimes the most personal Secret Santa gifts pack the biggest punch. For those who need to save this season, a thoughtful present such as this monogrammed mug is the perfect way to show that you care.

After a year of uncertainty, sometimes we just need positive affirmations to help lift our spirits. This candle that proudly states you are Flawless AF does just the trick while scents of orange, neroli, and bergamot add warmth and coziness to any room.

Need a gift for the life of the party of your friend group? Look no further than this inventive and funny Secret Santa gift. It guarantees laughs upon opening and beyond.

Who would have thought that a simple sticker could become such a vital phone accessory? Not only will this record-style PopSocket keep your phone from falling on your face, but it also lends a cool vintage vibe to any music lover’s look.

These days, we all need help relaxing. The eucalyptus and mint scent in these shower bombs help you clear your mind and breathe a little easier.

In today’s world of working from home, it seems much more difficult to peel ourselves away from our screens between zoom calls and friendly FaceTime catch-ups with friends. This Tripod Phone Mount is the quick fix we need that allows us to be easily available from any room or area of our homes.

Personalized Bottle Opener

For those who like to have fun on the go, this personalized beer and wine bottle opener is a handy and cheap Secret Santa gift that still feels thoughtful.

There are very few people in the world who women and men worship alike; however, The Rock with his handsome features and Spartan-like body seems to accomplish just that. This Jingle Bell Rock sweater is a great Secret Santa gift for her or him alike.

Bob Ross Chia Pet Planter

Usually the most enjoyable Secret Santa gifts are the unexpected items that take everyone by surprise. This Bob Ross Chia Pet Planter is the ultimate throwback that is a sure way to catch your group off-guard in the best way possible.

This beloved game is an ideal gift for the entertainer of your group. Perfect for dinner parties and holiday gatherings, it will keep everyone bursting with laughter throughout the night.

It can be difficult to get the right present for someone whose BS meter is always on high alert. Instead of having to grapple between gifts, why not get them something that they can enjoy and get a lot of use out of?

Gamers always want the latest and most high-tech gadget, but this holiday season, we suggest giving them a classic from the past that won’t break the bank instead.

Who would have thought that in 2020 a metal stick could be considered a thoughtful and necessary gift? Well, here we are, and we are impressed. This Secret Santa gift is creative and kind of funny for anyone living in today’s times.

Kikkerland Desktop Cornhold Bean Bag Game

Cornhole is undeniably fun. So what could make the game even better? Desktop Cornhole for your afternoon work break or when you’re looking to procrastinate. It’s adorable, fun, and something your friend will have never thought to buy themselves.

There are only so many concerts and events you can attend these days during the pandemic, so you might as well take this time to organize memories from past adventures. This ticket stub diary will do just that for the traveler, music-lover, and adventure-junkie alike.

While this may initially seem like an odd gift, anyone that trims their beard regularly will instantly realize it’s a great Secret Santa gift for guys. It’s easy to set-up and use, and will save you significant time trying to clean up all of those pesky stray hairs.

Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

Ho-ho-hold up. You’re telling me you can step up your at-home mixology game with an infusion kit? One way to make the season more merry is to drop your favorite booze in an infusion bottle for a week and then enjoy spiced orange, blueberry lavender, strawberry jalapeno, and spicy pineapple drinks. In a year with the absence of office holiday parties, this is one way to keep the cheer going in the comfort of your home.

The best Secret Santa gifts hit at least two out of the three following criteria: Funny, Creative, or Thoughtful (kudos if you can find something that satisfies all three). These cute lil’ coat koozies hit the first two categories, because 1) lol beer coats and 2) they keep your beers cold! What more could you ask for in a Secret Santa gift?

Star Wars Ice Molds



The Force is with these Darth Vader ice molds, which chill your cocktail while looking cool as hell. Bonus hack? Toss some pieces of fruit or herbs in the molds and make some flavored cubes.

A fun gag gift that’s a little raunchy, but not so much so that it’s creepy, wine condoms seal up bottles to keep them fresh. It’s perfect for anyone who practices safe sips.

Phone dying? Level up using Anker’s super lightweight and sleek portable charger. It provides 2.6 full charges for an iPhone XS and 2.4 for Galaxy S10 and comes with a high-speed charging mode, a practical dream for guys on-the-go (and with no plans to stop anytime soon).

Plastic straws have become a relic of the past. But what’s a guy to do without our disposable friends? Well, VEHHE delivered the ultimate environmentally-friendly alternative: the stainless-steel straw, which fits most (if not all) tumblers and coffee cups. It’s both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free. Being green has never been so easy.

Ruth Bader Ginsberg is still hot, and so is your skillet, so these make you the best Secret Santa ever. These machine-quilted cotton potholders come in a mid-century modern shape, and the fabric’s repeated pattern is none other than the late Supreme Court justice’s iconic bust—lace collar and all. The chore of making dinner is adjourned when you make it with these.

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

You’re going to want to buy one of these for yourself, too: This bar soap starts a day right. Everything in Ursa Major’s skincare line has an outdoorsy, forest-y scent, and if you abandoned bar soap for the liquid stuff, you’re going to want to get out the dish. This bar—made with sustainable palm oil—has some grit to exfoliate your skin, as well as ingredients that soothe and hydrate it, too.

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Mug

Doesn’t matter whether your recipient is into design or into sustainability. This collapsible coffee mug delivers both. It fits in a pocket on your way to the coffee shop, its silicone body expands out to hold 8, 12, or 16 ounces, and then collapses back into your pocket when you’re done. No more wasting disposable cups, no figuring out where to store your empty thermos. Comes in 21 different colorways, plus, a removable and reusable silicone straw.

Nike Accelerate Touchscreen Running Gloves

Runners of any ability will love these soft-but-functional Nike running gloves. Wicking material keeps hands dry—which means they stay warm—and special grips on the thumb and forefinger let runners change music, text, check maps or whatever they want to do on their screens without taking the gloves off. No runner, by the way, ever has too many running gloves.

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